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Vector Thread-Safe

This post categorized under Vector and posted on August 14th, 2019.

29.01.2012 How about boostvector which was newly introduced from boost 1.48.0 onward. Is it thread safe Docs state boostcontainervector is similar to stdvector but its compatible with shared memory and memory mapped files.19.07.2011 I am using stdvector in a mulgraphichreaded envioronment. All threds work on diffferent elements of the vector. But what i observed is vector operations are taking more time in mulgraphichreaded env than in single threaded. Is vector thread safe which might be causing the delay Thanks in advance.stdvectorint a(N) b(N) cilk_for (int i 1 i N i) a[i] 2i b[i] b[i-1] a[i] So in summary you can use the vector operation in your example data[i] x if i is the loop control variable but you need to make sure there is no loop-carried data dependence (e.g. Autor Wanteddewil

24.09.2008 one thread is executing vector method add() and if other thread tries to access vector method remove() i want to know whether it will be blocked until first thread return from add() method or will it be allowed to execute remove method concurrently.Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repositorys web address.09.01.2019 Vector and Hashtable are the only two legacy collections that are thread-safe. Synchronized collections can be created by using the Collection utility clgraphic factory methods synchronizedgraphic(collection) .

Use ArrayList instead of vector. Vector is an old implementation that should really be deprecated. Not a big deal though. Seeing the implementation i dont think vector iterator is thread safe.29.01.2018 Well again get over it STL standardized is not thread safe you have to create your thread safe list embedding a real stdlist after all making a wrapper around an STL container is a so easy exercise that if you find difficult to do it yourself then you have to ask Am I ready to start with mulgraphichreading programming even if someone

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