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This post categorized under Vector and posted on January 6th, 2019.

Sleek black and encompvectoring myriad technologically advanced features Funks new Vector Link for LP12 launched dramatically in 2005. The reviews were universally in agreementA couple of decades ago the must-have affordable turntable was the Pink Triangle Little Pink Thing. Alongside the standard PT and the Anniversary the entry-level LPT turntable was a simple design but one that in no-way highlighted its own limitations. Those days are long gone as is Pink Triangle The brain behind these developments was a physicist Arthur Khoubesserian who in 2005 founded The Funk Firm. Its mission statement was clear and unequivocal

Some of the Products and Services we offer Moth Turntables . The Funk Firm Turntables and Tone Arms (AVSA Review). Moth Tonearms (Incognito Wiring Option) Sumiko Phono Cartridges . HiFi Tuning Audio Grade Fuses . Kontak AV Connector Cleaning Fluid Leaves No Residue . Record Cleaning Machines . The Funk Firm Achromat Acrylic Upgrade Platter Mats . The Funk Firm Achromat An increasing number of MC cartridges are being offered in high- and low-output versions. The DV20X2 cartridge comes in both high-output (2.8 mV) and low-output (0.3 mV) versions the latter is discussed here. This well-made cartridge features a 6-mm aluminum pipe cantilever with a Micro Ridge

Aug 29 2002 Yep Id agree - go for 42s all round but Id definitely use the 42C (in the centre) and 42W (at the rear) because unlike the standard 42 they have front firing ports which is essential if they are going be used in cabinetsclose to walls (which most centre and surround speakers are). So 42s Jun 12 2007 Sky Q Silver 2TB. Denon AVR-X2300W. Epos K2 front speakers. Monitor Audio Vector V10 rear speakers. Monitor Audio Vector V20 centre speaker. KEF Q400b Subwoofer.

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